8 May, 2017

Moldova at the crossroads

Thursday, 4 May, in the European Parliament, I hosted together with Anna Fotyga MEP/ECR, Renate Weber MEP/ALDE and Rebecca Harms MEP/Greens-EFA and the help of The Open Dialog Foundation an open discussion with the title “Moldova at the crossroads”.   The topic of the first Panel I moderated was “The political situation and reform agenda […]

4 May, 2017

Jens Stoltenberg: “Romania is an example for the other Member States and it proves that where there is a will, one can fulfil its engagements”

Today, the General Secretary of NATO, Mr. Jens Stoltenberg was present at a joint AFET and SEDE Committees meeting, in the European Parliament, addressing the topic of EU-NATO cooperation on common challenges such as security, defense, cyber-warfare or migration. I took the opportunity and I addressed two questions to Mr. Stoltenberg, both of them with […]

12 April, 2016

Nagorno-Karabakh region – an urgent need of a peaceful and sustainable solution for an endless frozen conflict

In the light of today’s plenary debates in the European Parliament, over the conflict escalade in Nagorno-Karabakh region, as a member of the EP Foreign Affairs Committee, once again I want to underline the need of a peaceful resolution of this frozen conflict. In line with all the international engagements and resolutions, as well as […]

9 July, 2015

Report on the security challenges in MENA region: EU security depends on the peace and stability in North Africa and Middle East

Today, European Parliament adopted the Report on the security challenges in the Middle East and North Africa region and the prospects for political stability, on which Ramona Manescu EPP/PNL MEP was a shadow rapporteur on behalf of EPP Group. The Report addresses the threats and the security situation in North Africa and Middle East region […]

22 May, 2015

New Directive against money-laundering and initiatives to combat human traffickers

Recently, European Parliament, with the vote of EPP Group, pushed through a new Directive against money-laundering as a means of catching or impeding organised criminals and terrorists. The Directive would also establish a blacklist of third countries which fail to cooperate with EU authorities. A video presenting the insights of this new piece of legislation […]

6 April, 2015

I will bring the issue of Romanian citizens trapped in conflict zones into the attention of European Institutions

We start the Holy Week celebration yesterday. The terrorist attacks on Christians from Kenya, from Egypt, Syria, Libya or Nigeria, have put an unprecedented emotional load on Christians everywhere. Religious intolerance, extremism and radical groups extending their territories and their threats are becoming rather too frequent. Romanians are not spared by this unrest. We are […]

1 April, 2015

EU-Qatar Friendship Group conclusions: Qatar can bring an important contribution to the peace and stability in its region

Today I had the pleasure to chair the meeting of the newly re-established EU- Qatar Friendship Group within the European Parliament, organized together with Qatar Embassy in Brussels. In this meeting, we’ve been honored by the presence of H.E. Sheikh Ali BIN JASSIM AL-THANI, Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Kingdom of Belgium, the […]

9 March, 2015

Calling upon immediate EU action to protect the lives of vulnerable groups of Christians, Yezidis and Turkmens in Syria and Iraq

In the light of the new terrorist actions of the Islamic extremist rebel group ISIS, European Parliament will be asked by EPP Group to adopt a new motion for a resolution. A resolution that will call for immediate action in order to protect the lives of vulnerable groups, such as ethnic and religious minorities, including Christians, Yezidis […]