17 January, 2017

Good news from the European Parliament: EPP and ALDE announced the establishment of a Pro-European coalition

Today, the two major political groups from the European Parliament, the Christian Democrats of EPP and the Liberals of ALDE announced the forming of a coalition in support of a new Pro-Europe project.

We must admit that Europe is in a deep and complicated crisis. It is the moment when the European Union needs the most the clear vision, strength and unity of its leadership.

Internal nationalist and populist movements together with adverse forces from outside may soon put an end to the European construction imagined 70 years ago by the founding fathers.

A cooperation of all the pro-European groups and MEP´s in the House is necessary. This is not to defend the status quo, but to deliver on the needs of the European citizen and to reform the European Union. The platform announced by the EPP and ALDE is open to all the other pro-European forces, and each of them can add their ideas and their priorities to our agenda of reform.

The focus of this new European platform is on strengthening of the growth, stability, sustainable development and investment strategy in the Union including support for new ambitious trade agreements.

Another topic on the agenda is the implementation of the Paris Agreement on climate change.

Last but not least, there is the matter of strengthening European capacities for internal and external security. Both groups will work closely on the establishment of a European Defence Union and commit to the further development of a true European Border and Coast Guard that will effectively manage our common borders, providing protection to those in need and effectively prevent illegal migration. Moreover, there is an urgent need to develop capacities at the European level to better protect our internal security.

I believe that the European Union project is the best solution for this continent and for its citizens. Is a project that already delivered more than we see or accept. It delivered wealth, stability, security and freedoms that were unimaginable just 70 years ago.

I also believe that this project needs a deep reform, which must address not only the obvious problems like security and migration but also the more elusive ones like the cleavages between the founding European countries and the newer members, or the power distribution between Brussels central governing and the national governments. This reform must not avoid the citizens. They feel alienated, unable to understand an administration that became immensely bureaucratic, disconnected from the decision making process.