14 November, 2017

Lebanon risks becoming a new playground in the regional power clash

In my capacity as member of the European Parliament and Chair of the EU – Lebanon Parliamentary Friendship Group I noticed with great concern the sudden deterioration of the security situation in Lebanon.

The recent evolutions, which commenced with the abrupt resignation of Lebanon’s Prime Minister, Saad Hariri, on fourth of November, followed by an order, issued by Saudi Arabia on 10th of November, requesting its citizens to immediately leave Lebanon, suggest the imminence of an armed conflict in the region.

The strong presence of the Hezbollah armed militia and the intrinsic Iranian influence, also mentioned by Mr. Hariri, are two added factors which generate even more concern.

I call for moderation on all the parties involved and a focus on the general interest of Lebanese people.

I cannot underline with more vigor the great dangers posed by a new conflict in the region: another humanitarian crisis and a new fertile ground for extremism and terrorism.

The power games that we can guess behind these recent evolutions in Lebanon do not serve the people in the region. They are the ones who end up being caught in between conflicts. A Lebanon out of balance also affects the neighboring countries and even further away, it impacts Europe.