13 aprilie, 2013

Interventia Ramonei Manescu cu privire la situatia din Siria

“What we have now in Syria, is a very brutal regime but is not alone there.

Some time ago the United Nation estimated that in the Syrian conflict at that time, the security forces of Assad regime, suffered 15.000 fatalities, the opposition militants 10.000 and their fight lead to 45.000 civilian deaths.

The US State Secretary said that: „we can’t risk letting this country in the heart of the Middle East become hijacked by the extremists”. He reffered to the regime while calling them extremists, he reffered to the opposition forces? Most probably he reffered to both.

Unfortunately the Syrian conflict which might lead to a regional conflict, its fuelled by the strategic interests of Russia, China, Iran, Iraq against NATO, Turkey, Saudi, Qatar.

This way of ” helping” can’t lead to peace for people of Syria or people from the region.

I do believe that the only answer is diplomacy and to be honest, the international community didn’t gave a real chance to diplomacy by now.

So, dear liberal friends, lets bring the world leaders together in finding a diplomatic solution to this conflict.

If its to fund, lets stop funding arms and other military supplies but funding operations that saves civilians lives not taking their lives.

I know that a democratic solution is a dream that might need a long way to get trough but a military solution funded by the world’s superpowers will end in apocalypse for the country and part of the region.

Every contribution to the military muscle of the regime or the opposition will only make situation worse.

We as liberals, should call for a real diplomatic effort thinking first at the civilians hopes for freedom.”

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